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signs of tree diseases that you need to watch out

While we know that trees are living things, most of us don’t realize that they can become sick and die from diseases just like we can. These tree diseases can be selective, contagious, easily spread and even deadly, depending on the tree diseases. In order for your trees to grow strong and healthy, they need to be protected and cured of any tree diseases they might have. Some red flags or signs of tree diseases that you need to watch out for include:

  1. Yellow/brown leaves. While yellow and brown leaves are common during the fall, if it is still warm and your other trees are doing fine, your tree might have a fungus or other bacterium eating away at the roots of the tree. This is a slow-moving death that can take place over a few growing seasons while the roots are eaten away and the body of the tree starves.
  2. Bark that is peeling off- Now, keep in mind that peeling bark, even lots of it, is totally normal for some types of trees. However, bark is like the skin of the tree, and if it is peeling off more than usual, there is usually a nutritional issue occurring from within.
  3. Hoof-shaped growths- If you are noticing hard, often gray in color shaped growths on your tree, your tree is showing signs of a fungal tree disease.
  4. Mildew or powder coating on leaves- When your leaves are covered in mildew or powdery coating, they have a hard time gaining access to the sunlight that enables the tree to live.

Many tree diseases are slow, but some are rather fast-moving. If you suspect tree disease, it is best to leave it to professionals like ours at Top Notch Tree Service.