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Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but they can also take a lot of maintenance. In yards where trees have been neglected, they can become a major hazard. Just like any other living thing, trees can heal from many diseases on their own. However, there can also be devastating diseases that a tree cannot recover from, and therefore the tree needs to be removed to avoid further spread of the disease.

Signs of Tree Diseases That Indicate You Need Tree Removal

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Here are some signs of tree diseases that indicate you may need tree removal:

  • If the leaves start to have a blotchy look
  • If there is any visible growth that rapidly affects more and more of the tree
  • If the tree’s roots are beginning to rot or decay, you may notice fungus spreading over the tree or you may be able to see cracks in exposed roots
  • If the wood of the trunk or branches is dry and brittle
  • If there is visible decay on a tree or cracks that do not heal

If you keep your yard well maintained, you’ll benefit from being able to recognize these signs right away. The earlier you can diagnose tree diseases, the sooner you can treat them. For some tree diseases, it may be best to cut down the tree right away, while for others it may be better to treat it by trimming only infected limbs. The last thing you want is to lose all of the trees in your yard because of something that could have been prevented. Pay close attention to your trees and make sure you have a professional come right away if you suspect something is wrong.