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Top 5 Tree Diseases

Trees add immense beauty and aesthetics to a property. When trees are healthy there is nothing better than having trees. But when trees get diseased, they can become an eyesore and a safety issue. We are going to discuss five tree diseases that may affect your trees.

  1. Anthracnose – This is a fungal tree disease that harms leaves, branches, fruits, and flowers. It can be found throughout North America on various trees. It is most common in flowering dogwood and sycamore trees. This tree disease can cause leaf defoliation and twig blight that can cause witches blooming.
  2. Apple scab – This tree disease is specific to crabapple trees. Scab-like lesions will form on the leaves. You will often see early defoliation.
  3. Cedar rusts – This is a foliar tree disease that commonly affects hawthorn and crabapple trees. A common sign of this tree disease is rust or orange colored spots on the leaves. Twig cankers and spore-producing structures can also form.
  4. Diplodia tip bite – This tree disease is common in Austrian and other pines. It is common to see this tree disease develop at the base of the tree and progress upward toward the top. Some common signs are dead shoots, and excess resin.
  5. Dothistroma needle blight of pines – This is a fungal tree disease. It causes premature defoliation in established trees and harsh stunting and death in young trees. This disease can be identified by yellow or tan bands on needles in the fall, which is then followed by dieback.

Proper identification and treatment are essential to tree survival. Contact us today if you are worried about a diseased tree on your property!