Summer Tree Care, Mooresville, NC

Let us take the guesswork out of summer tree care for your Mooresville property.

Summer Tree Care in Mooresville, North Carolina
Things begin to come alive again in the spring, and by summer, they are in full swing. That doesn’t just mean your Mooresville, North Carolina landscaping. It also means bugs and summer storms. Here at Top Notch Tree Service, you can entrust us with your summer tree care, so you can enjoy all that summertime offers without worrying about what could be attacking your trees.

Our summer tree care includes examining your trees for insect infestations and disease, so they can be resolved before they become a larger problem. Pruning off diseased sections is the best defense against damage spreading and allows your trees to concentrate on growth in the healthy areas. We recommend that you do not use commercial bug repellent products because most are ineffective and the unhealthy chemicals aren’t good for the tree or your family.

During our summer tree care visit, we will look for conditions that could be harming your trees, such as debris around the base of the trees or not getting enough water. You can also call on us after a summer storm to take care of damage that has occurred. By keeping up with summer tree care, your trees stand a better chance of surviving summer storms, as well as the colder months ahead.

If you have questions about summer tree care or any of our tree services or need advice about how to best care for your trees all year long, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule your free tree and property assessment today.

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