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call us at Top Notch Tree Service for tree stump grinding

After cutting down a damaged or unwanted tree you still have to deal with the tree stump. You can choose to leave the stump as is or you can call us at Top Notch Tree Service for tree stump grinding.

  • Aesthetic appeal – The curb appeal of your home or business makes up the first impression for all of your visitors. Having a large tree stump in your yard is not ideal if you ever need to sell your home.
  • Safety – Children can trip and fall on unseen stumps or may try to climb and balance but fall off of them. Removing the tree stump will eliminate this risk.
  • Roots can cause damage – Even with the crown gone, roots and sprouts may still spread, causing damage to your yard, fences, or other nearby structures.
  • Ease of lawn care or clear space for new growth – Once your tree stump has been removed, you can place sod to make an easier path for the lawnmower, or you can give a new tree an opportunity to grow, adding new beauty and life to your property.
  • Quick and easy process – If you’ve been avoiding stump removal because it seemed like too big of a hassle, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy and quick our tree stump grinding service can be. We take care of all the work for you and clean up the job thoroughly.

When our team at Top Notch Tree Service does tree stump grinding projects, we use a hands-free stump grinder, ensuring safe procedures even when the stumps are in difficult to reach places. Our trained professionals can do the job safely and efficiently and leave you with a beautiful new space. Call us today to learn more.