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know when tree removal needs to be scheduled

Trees are such a beautiful part of a home’s landscaping. Different sizes and varieties add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard and can accentuate your home. They can also provide shade, and in some cases might even produce fruit.

As wonderful as trees are, they can also be a safety hazard, and may need to be removed in certain situations. Be on the lookout for these five warning signs that indicate you need tree removal.

1.  If you have a tree that is growing too closely to your home or overhanging your home, it is likely time to have it removed.

2.  There may be a disease spreading throughout a tree in your yard, and to avoid having it spread to and kill the other trees in your yard, it’s better to get the diseased one out as soon as possible.

3.  If enough of a tree has rotted that it is no longer viable and will not be able to recover, you should get it taken out sooner than later. A rotting tree is another safety concern and should lead to immediate tree removal.

4.  If you find that one of your trees has an insect infestation, it is usually best resolved with removing the tree.

4.  If a large part of the tree has broken off, you should call for tree removal so that you don’t lose the rest of the tree during a storm or high winds.

Pay attention to these warning signs so that you’ll know when tree removal needs to be scheduled. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so have a professional at least inspect your trees if you do have any concerns.