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 different tree types and general winter tree care

Although most homeowners have trees in their yards, they are not aware of the maintenance they should be providing for them. For the most part, trees are big enough and strong enough to thrive on their own. However, if you have recently planted new trees, they will require more work to get them ready for winter. Even large and established trees need attention, dependent on the type of tree, and the weather conditions where you live. It’s important to consult with professionals to understand what you need to be doing for your trees. Different types of trees require different care and maintenance.

Below we’ve listed 3 winter tree care tips that you should be following.

1.  Hire a professional. Without the proper knowledge of different tree types and general winter tree care, it is difficult to know the correct process to follow for your trees.

2.  Have your trees trimmed during the winter because it is easier to carefully observe the tree for damaged limbs, and to see the general branch structure. Trees will look much nicer when they are in full bloom if they are carefully manicured each winter.

3.  Some types of trees need to be wrapped in the winter. If you have fruit trees, newly planted trees, or other specific conditions, it may be necessary to wrap the base of the tree.

Following these winter tree care tips will ensure healthy, beautiful, and full trees in the spring. You’ll see good results from hiring a professional, having your trees trimmed, and wrapped if necessary.