winter tree care As each new season starts, we have to adjust and winter is no different. As we start pulling scarves and jackets out of our closets, we should also consider outdoor changes that affect our homes and gardens. This includes considering how to keep trees healthy through winter. Here are a few winter tree care tips to help you maintain your trees throughout the season:

  1. Support or remove branches — It is a good idea to remove or reinforce branches that are hanging over your property. This will help protect your property in the event of a winter storm that may cause branches to break or bend.
  2. Take advantage of dormant trees –Winter is a great time to prune your trees! Because trees are dormant, winter pruning creates less stress for the trees. It also prepares the trees to grow more profusely when spring arrives.
  3. Protect young trees — Young trees may be more vulnerable to winter weather and may need extra winter tree care. It is a good idea to wrap or mulch young trees to help them withstand changes that come with winter weather.

These are just a few winter tree care tips to consider. If you want to know more about maintaining your trees or getting them through the winter season, feel great to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!