Winter Tree Care, Mooresville, NC

Just because your trees are dormant in the winter doesn’t mean we can’t provide winter tree care at your home or business in Mooresville.

Winter Tree Care in Mooresville, North Carolina
While many people don’t think to call a tree service company during the winter months, there are actually many services we can offer for winter tree care. In fact, some services are best performed in the winter while your trees are in their dormant stage.

Here at Top Notch Tree Service, we offer winter tree care to customers in and around Mooresville, North Carolina. Here are some of the services we recommend as part of your winter tree care plan:

  • Tree limb removal: Limbs that hang over your home or business are most likely to break off and fall during the winter months, potentially causing damage to your property. Limb removal protects the tree from surprise breakages.
  • Tree pruning: Pruning encourages new growth and protects the strength of the tree. Deciduous and evergreen trees are best pruned in winter when they are dormant to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.
  • Storm damage cleanup: Snow and ice can be hard on your trees, but we can help clean up.
  • Protecting young trees: If you have recently planted trees, mulch and tree wrapping can protect these trees from winter temperatures.
  • Fertilization and hydration: Improve the health of your trees for a year of growth and beauty.
  • Protecting trees from salt damage and pests: Another damage that can occur in the winter is caused by salt from nearby roads or pest invasions.

If you want to learn more about our winter tree care services, give us a call today. We can schedule your free estimate.

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