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Tree Services in Huntersville, NC

Whether you’re growing a new tree or tending to big, beautiful, wholesome trees on your property, the right sort of care matters. Here’s how our expert tree services help you at every stage of tree growth so that your trees stay healthy for years to come.

  • Planting Young Trees- The first two years of a tree’s growth are some of the most important as the tree is establishing a new root system in your soil. Trees need to be watered thoroughly during this time, but should also be examined regularly to prevent them from growing lopsided. During these early years of tree growth, it is common for one side of the tree to grow faster than the other. At Top Notch Tree Service, we provide regular trimming services to keep your trees balanced as they grow.
  • Tree Restoration- When it comes to restoration, our expert tree services focus on diagnosis and treatment before considering tree removal. If your trees look like they’ve seen better days, an expert can help determine the best course of action to restore your trees to their original splendor. If disease or pests have affected your tree, we also ensure to thoroughly examine nearby trees on your property to determine if the issue has spread and caused further damage to your property.
  • New Growth- It may seem counter-intuitive, but trimming your trees actually encourages them to grow. By removing dead wood, it allows the tree to focus on new growth. Knowing when to trim your trees, and at which time of the year, makes all the difference for healthy looking trees. That’s why it’s best to leave this job to an expert to ensure your trees get the attention they need to thrive.

Contact us today at Top Notch Tree Service to learn more about our expert tree services. We look forward to hearing from you!