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Tree Care Tips in Mooresville, NC

At Top Notch Tree Service, we know that different types of trees require tree trimming and care at different times of the year for the best results. Here are a few seasonal tree care tips to consider:

  • Spring- If your property has broadleaved evergreens or boxwoods, early spring is the best time to trim them.
  • Summer- Any trees that have finished flowering in the spring can still be trimmed in early summer; however, you should avoid trimming your trees in late summer to early autumn to avoid stimulating new growth, which may not have time to toughen before the colder months. Summer is also a great time to remove any deadwood from trees.
  • Fall- When it comes to tree care tips, we generally do not recommend trimming in the fall because of the increased risk of spreading fungi or infection from tree to tree. Instead, the fall is a great opportunity to remove any underbrush when it’s easiest to see without the camouflage of summer foliage. Late fall to early winter is also a great time to plant shade and fruit trees, giving them a head start for their roots to establish in the months before the spring warm up.
  • Winter- In winter, trees go through a process called dormancy, which is similar to hibernation. That’s what makes it a great opportunity to trim deciduous trees that are dormant during this season, and less likely to spread insects or disease.

For more tree care tips and tricks, contact us today at Top Notch Tree Service.