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Summer Tree Care Tips

It is important to care for your trees throughout the summer months. Summer tree care may be the most important thing you will do for your trees. Below are some of our top summer tree care tips.

  • Fertilization – Fertilization is important to do throughout the summer. Doing so will provide your trees with enough nutrients and can help to repel pests and diseases.
  • Watering – It is important to keep trees, especially young trees, well watered during hot weather. We recommend watering trees with one inch of water a week. It is best to deeply water trees less often than watering more often with less water during each watering session.
  • Pest inspection – Inspecting trees often is important for summer tree care. Not all pests are harmful. If harmful pests are found it is important to treat them sooner than later. We are well-educated on pests and are able to help you identify harmful pests and help you rid them of the problem.

Summer tree care is important to do to ensure that your trees are healthy and that they will last a lifetime. Give us a call at Top Notch Tree Service with concerns or questions you may have about the health, maintenance or wellbeing of your trees.