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Hiring a professional for tree trimming

As professionals working in the tree trimming industry, we hear a lot of the same questions. We put together a simple guide with five of the most common questions and our answers to these questions. Check out our responses below in case you’ve wondered about any of these questions as well.

Question 1: Can you use any type of saw or is there something specific that should be used for tree trimming?

Answer: There are specific saws that should be used, as they create the most maneuverability for the person trimming the tree and cause the least damage.

Question 2: Can you really damage a tree by not trimming it correctly?

Answer: Yes, if you don’t cut it correctly and in the right place, it could expose the tree to damaging bacteria or insects. It can also lead to higher risk of rotting.

Question 3: Do trees need to be trimmed every year?

Answer: It varies, based on the type of trees; however, most trees, especially fruit bearing ones, do need to be trimmed once a year.

Question 4: When should tree trimming be done?

Answer: Most trees should be trimmed when they are entirely dormant.

Question 5: Do you need to hire a professional or is it easy to do tree trimming yourself?

Answer: Hiring a professional is highly recommended. It’s important to have someone providing services who is well-trained on the different varieties of trees. It can also be a safety hazard to trim trees yourself. To get the best results, and experience the least amount of risk, hire someone who is knowledgeable about your trees and who can provide the necessary services for caring for them.