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your tree stands a good chance at tree restoration

Trees are wonderous elements of beauty. Many of us have many memories associated with a favorite tree climbing its limbs, picnicking under its shade, or simply watching it change and grow. If you have a favorite tree that was impaired by a storm or otherwise damaged, it may not be too late for tree restoration. Here are a few questions to consider when assessing the health of your tree:

  • Is at least half of the tree’s crown still in place? Without enough branches to produce foliage, your tree may not be able to get enough nourishment.
  • Which limbs are broken? If the major limbs are gone, the tree has less chance for survival.
  • How is the lead branch? The lead branch is the main upward reaching branch of the tree. If this branch is intact, your tree stands a good chance at tree restoration. Without the lead branch, the tree can still grow but will most likely be stunted or grow in an abnormal pattern.
  • How old is the tree? Young trees can often recover even with significant damage. Even mature trees, if healthy enough, can make remarkable recoveries.

Tree Restoration: Does Your Tree Have a Chance?

Even if your answers to these questions may not seem favorable, we still recommend having your tree inspected for tree restoration before you cut it down. At Top Notch Tree Service, our highly-trained and friendly staff can inspect your tree to see if there is still enough strength and ability to recover or if it needs to be removed. Call us today to schedule your tree inspection.