Tree Care 101 for First-Time Homeowners

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With the many other responsibilities that come with being first-time homeowners, tree care can sometimes seem unimportant. Many people neglect to properly care for their trees and often end up having to have trees removed. Sometimes the results can be even more serious. Trees that have died or are dying can become hazards in a lot of other ways. They can easily lose limbs with storms and strong winds. They are also very dry and could catch on fire.

Tree Care 101 for First-Time Homeowners

As a first-time homeowner, avoid these potential problems with some basic tree care tips:

  • Regularly have your trees inspected to make sure that they are not diseased.
  • Trim your trees so they grow evenly.
  • Cutting your trees back can help them to be healthier by allowing them to focus their growth better.
  • During hot and dry seasons, make sure your trees have adequate water.
  • Keep the areas around the base of your trees clear of debris or excess leaves, as too much moisture trapped at the base of the tree can lead to the roots molding.
  • Make sure your trees are not getting eaten by bugs, and be sure to contact a professional right away if you suspect any insect issues.
  • Make sure the soil around your trees is providing adequate nutrients.

Learning these tree care tips will help you keep your landscape healthy. Your yard will look much more manicured and cared-for, and you’ll know that your trees are getting the attention they need to grow correctly and without causing problems.