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important part of storm damage tree care

Trees are great at standing up to a lot of wind, rain, sun and other elemental changes. However, when it comes to certain storms, sometimes the tree loses and the storm is the successor! At Top Notch Tree Service, we have seen our fair share of just what storms can do to trees and often, in turn, what those trees can do to homes. If the latest storm caused damage to your trees, here are some things you can do in terms of storm damage tree care.

  • Be safe! Before you even step outside to survey the storm damage, you should survey your yard for signs of downed power lines or other electrical problems. Never go outside barefoot after a storm. If you have damaged trees that require help either up high or with a chainsaw, call in a professional.
  • Resist the urge to “top” your trees! So many people think when they are performing storm damage tree care that they should cut back as much as possible to create less surface area for the next storm to damage. However, this usually just ends in a dead tree, which will break easier during the next storm! Please, don’t top your trees.

For more help with storm damage tree care in your area, please call on us at Top Notch Tree Service to assist you after a storm.