Pruning Services, Lake Norman, NC

Professional pruning services can enhance your Lake Norman trees and shrubs.

Pruning Services, Lake Norman, North Carolina
Pruning may look like a simple process, but it can be quite complicated. Different types of trees and shrubs need pruning services at different times of the year. Our pruning services can range from light pruning to remove dead sections and improve the appearance of your trees and shrubs to full tree trimming services to limit the size and growth of your trees. Here at Top Notch Tree Services, we provide pruning services to the area around Lake Norman, North Carolina throughout the year.

When you call us to provide pruning services, you can expect a free estimate, as well as recommendations about what pruning services you need at your home or business and when the best time to perform these pruning services might be.

Here are some of the general guidelines we use when planning pruning services:

  • Early spring is a good time to prune broad-leaved evergreens and boxwood trees.
  • Late spring or early summer is the ideal time to prune flowering shrubs that bloom in the spring. Pruning should occur after flowering is complete.
  • Generally, fall is not a good time for pruning because it is more likely that fungi will spread during this time.
  • Winter (after the coldest part is over) is the best time to prune most trees because they are dormant. Pests and disease don’t spread as much, and this pruning encourages a period of rapid growth in the spring.

Here at Top Notch Tree Services, we want to provide excellent customer service, which is why we offer free quotes, are fully insured, and prioritize a meticulous cleanup when the job is done. Give us a call today.



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