Tree Pruning, Mooresville, NC

We can provide professional tree pruning at your home or business in Mooresville to encourage growth and protect the health of your trees.

Tree Pruning in Mooresville, North Carolina
Tree pruning may seem to be something that you can do yourself, but it is really best left to the professionals. If you need tree pruning at your home or business in Mooresville, North Carolina, give us a call here at Top Notch Tree Service. We can give you a free estimate for our tree pruning services, and since we are licensed and fully insured, you can count on our results. Once your tree pruning is completed, we will clean up meticulously. You will not even know we were there, except that your trees will look great.

Here are the reasons you should get tree pruning services periodically:

  • Reduces tree height: There are many reasons to want to control the height of your trees. As long as this is done carefully by a professional, it does not harm the health of the tree. Tree topping does harm the health of the tree, and we do not encourage this.
  • Encourages tree growth: Pruning actually increases tree growth and encourages healthy trees.
  • Removes dead wood: Getting the dead wood out of your trees encourages healthy growth.

Different trees and shrubs need tree pruning at different times of the year, so depending on what types of trees and shrubs you have, we may need to schedule multiple visits for tree pruning. Early spring is good for broad-leaved evergreens and boxwoods. Late spring and summer, we recommend pruning trees and shrubs that are finished flowering. Fall is not ideal for pruning, but winter is good for deciduous and evergreen trees that are in their dormant period. Call us to discuss your pruning needs today.

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