arboristAs you look at the green spaces in your neighborhood, you will likely see a lot of trees. Trees provide shade and beauty to outdoor spaces. However, as trees grow, they require special care to remain strong and healthy. When you need quality tree care services, it’s best to call an arborist.

Arborist Definition

An arborist specializes in the care of trees. He or she receives technical training to learn how to care for trees and other woody plants. In some ways, you can think of an arborist as a doctor for trees. The arborist can deal with tree disease, check up on tree growth, and survey the general health of a tree. In fact, tree trimming and modification is sometimes referred to as “tree surgery.”

Arborist Services

Arborists provide many services besides tree trimming. They can handle all aspects of tree care for residential and commercial properties. These tree care services can range from identifying and treating tree diseases to removing old stumps from properties. Our team at Top Notch Tree service even has a crane to help us remove large trees when necessary!

We are happy to be arborists working in the Lake Norman to revitalize trees at homes and businesses. When you need tree services, contact us and we can give you a free quote.