Arborist in Huntersville, NC

One of the benefits of living in the Lake Norman area is the lush landscape that abounds. As local tree care experts, we know there is so much more to tree care than what meets the eye.

Why Work with an Arborist

An arborist – or a “tree surgeon” as we’re sometimes called – is a tree care professional who has the expertise to effectively care for trees and other woody plants.

Creating a beautiful aesthetic on your property requires the attention and care of an expert who knows how to perform pruning, tree trimming, removal or other tree care or garden maintenance for your commercial or residential property needs.

Our team offers free estimates for tree services to help you determine how best to preserve the natural health and beauty of your trees and ensure that any changes are implemented safely so that your property is not at risk.

How an Arborist Can Help

Our highly trained arborists are experts in the science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. That’s why locals call on us to evaluate the condition of trees, make recommendations for their care, and provide services like:

  • Counsel on evaluation, planning, and preservation of trees
  • Proper planning and placement of tree planting
  • Tree maintenance, such as pruning and tree trimming
  • Disease and pest treatment

If you’re looking to tame your landscape to maximize property value, an arborist should be the first person you work with to transform your property.