Important Shrub Trimming Maintenance
Pruning is a regular aspect of yard work. Even if your plants are healthy, you’ll still want to prune them each year. It is usually best to prune them in the winter. If you have damaged, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy branches or leaves, it is best to prune them right away. Each type of plant has a different role, and based on that role, the guidelines for trimming each will vary. Here we’ll specifically discuss shrub trimming and our suggestions for proper maintenance.

A good starting point is to remove any dead or diseased branches right away. Then contact an arborist to come and take a look at your landscaping to provide you with recommendations for shrub trimming. You should trim them back annually, and focus on trimming them a standard amount so they look even.

Here are a few benefits to shrub trimming:

  • Thinning out some of the upper branches allows more direct sunlight to the rest of the plant.
  • Eliminating unhealthy branches will reduce the likelihood of needing to pull out the entire plant.
  • Regularly trimming your plants can help keep them growing evenly. Areas that are sparse can grow back thicker, and areas that are too thick can be thinned.

You’ll want to have your shrubs trimmed each year to keep them healthy and pristine. Shrub trimming allows the plant to grow back stronger and more evenly. Make sure to find an arborist who you can ask for expert advice about how to best care for the plants in your yard. At Top Notch Tree Service, we are also trained to provide these services for you. Call us today, and we will examine each plant and recommend appropriate care.