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Tree Care Tips in Lake Norman, North Carolina
Once winter comes to an end, there is so much work to do in your yard. Everything needs some special love and attention. Trees are especially in need of work so that they’ll bloom and grow beautifully each year. Spring tree care is important to the health of your trees.

To get your yard ready, follow these spring tree care tips.

  • First you need to learn what types of trees are in your yard. Otherwise, you can’t give them the proper attention that they need.
  • After determining the types of trees in your yard, a tree care professional can advise you on how to care for each tree.
  • Some trees need to be wrapped during the winter, so you’ll need to remove wrappings as a part of spring tree care.
  • Clean up the area around trees to reduce the chance of fungal growth.
  • Mulch and fertilize around the tree, so the roots are being well nourished. You’ll also need to water them a lot in the spring.
  • Closely observe your trees for excessive bugs or pests that may need to be eliminated if they’re causing damage to your trees.

After carefully checking each tree, you should make sure to call a professional if you have any questions or concerns. If you suspect a diseased tree, you’ll want to have that addressed right away. The longer you wait, the more damaged the tree may become and the more likely it is that the disease will spread to other trees.