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Tree Removal

When you have trees on your property, chances are that at some point, a tree will need to be removed.  Whether it was damaged by a storm, needs to be cleared for building purposes, or has a tree disease and is no longer viable, it will be hard to remove.  Cutting down a tree safely can be difficult, especially if it is a large tree. Removing the tree stump can be a huge challenge all by itself.  It is best to leave tree removal to an experienced team of professionals who can get the tree removed safely in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Cutting down a tree takes knowledge, skill, and special tools.  Chances are that if you have not cut down many trees before, you will not have any tools to get the job done safely.  Trees are very heavy and can cause a lot of damage if the job is not handled properly. An expert tree removal team will know how to go about safely removing the tree to avoid damage to people or property.

A tree removal company will also remove the tree stump.  Tree stumps are very tricky to remove.  Most of them cannot be removed by just one person.  Stump removal is an art, and it takes knowledge and special tools to get that stubborn stump out.  Stumps are also very heavy.  Tree removal includes removing all tree materials, including the stump.  You won’t have to worry about finding enough manpower and a vehicle big enough to haul an extremely heavy tree stump off of your property.

Call us today at Top Notch Tree Service to schedule your free tree removal estimate.  We can answer any of your questions and go over the entire tree removal process with you.  You can trust us to safely remove your tree and take all the mess away with us.