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fall tree care tip that we recommend

Once the days start to get shorter and the nights start to get chilly, you can tell that there is a nip of fall in the air! With all the steps that you need to do to get your home ready for fall, don’t forget that getting your trees ready for the cold season is important, too. At Top Notch Tree Service, we have a variety of fall tree care steps that we can assist you with as the seasons start to change. These are a few steps that anyone can do in order to make the most of fall tree care.

One of the best fall tree care tips that we give is to not stop watering your trees just because it is chilly outside! Even if you don’t want to be outside with chilly water, your trees will thank you for an extra-long drink before “bedtime” or dormancy. Be sure to do your watering just before the ground freezes, since water will struggle to get through to the roots of your trees.

Another fall tree care tip that we recommend is that you use this time while your tree is barren of its leaves to carefully examine the branches and check for signs of disease. If you find some dead or dying branches, either mark them for trimming in the springtime or go ahead and get rid of them now.

Finally, before the cold snap sets in, a layer of mulch around the base of your trees will help keep moisture in the soil so that your trees will continue to gain nourishment though the winter.